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Small size (6 - 8 n m) gold nanometer bar batch supply supplier

Guangzhou ClusterBiophoton Tech Co.,Ltd, founded in 2012, is the world's first GNR-mass production and GNR-commercialization company providing small-sized (6-8nm) gold nanorods (Gold Nanorod, GNR). The company's core products, gold nanorods, are high-tech products, which are mainly used in diverse areas such as skin care, information storage medium, life sciences, photonics, and physical chemistry, and so on. 

The company has well-known professors as its shareholders. The excellent operating team has an average of 15 years of nano-gold and related experiences in its application fields. The company built its own high-standard laboratories for chemistry, ultra-clean biological cells, and ultra-clean optics, and collaborated with a number of well-known universities, institutions, key laboratories, academicians, Cheung Kong Scholars, distinguished young teams or research groups around the world to develop a new nanogold-based generation of products. 

The company has 8 invention patents. In the next five years, it will continue to register more than 40 inventions and utility-model patents independently or jointly. The company, as a national high-tech enterprise, plans to build a national-level enterprise technology center and postdoctoral workstation, to build a number of modern research bases and centers, such as technology, chemical medicine, drug analysis, preparation technology, and customer experience. The above has created intellectual property-intensive, professional and highly efficient transformation systems, and platforms for scientific research and collaboration related to GNRs. 

The company has the most advanced nanogold production line and related application products of GNRs with developing technologies, has a strong research team, mastering the core raw materials and striving to promote the commercial applications of GNRs. It warmly hopes that seizing market opportunities and sharing a golden feast with more organizations, teams, and individuals.