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Small size (6 - 8 n m) gold nanometer bar batch supply supplier

Gold nanorods (GNR) Introduction
Gold nanorods (GNR) are a kind of rod-shaped gold nanomaterials. They are divided into transverse and longitudinal parts in macro structure. In the UV Vis absorption spectra showed the transverse surface plasmon resonance absorption peak (TSPR) and longitudinal surface plasmon resonance absorption peak (LSPR), The ratio of length to length is called the aspect ratio. The gold nanorods long diameter and short diameter, aspect ratio and distribution range can be adjusted, so it has great application value in the optical material, electrochemical sensing, photochemical sensing, biological nano materials, drug delivery and medical fields.
GNR Product parameter
Concentration, volume, and the effective content of gold nanorods are described 
The mass fraction of gold nanorods in solution is about 1/100000 at the optical density (OD) = 1. In order to facilitate the use of users and ensure the stability of small size GNR products, we provide OD=1 - 4 range of gold nanorods solution, Order immediately and send immediately. Others modified GNR solutions can be ordered within 1-2 weeks. If need to higher levels of small size GNR solutions, suggest that users make reservations for us before 1-2 weeks . 

The effective content of gold nanorods can be expressed by the total effective optical amount of gold nanorods in each product 
The total effective optical amount of gold nanorods = optical density(OD) X volume(mL). 
The total effective optical amount of gold nanorods(TOD) multiplied by the unit price, is the total amount. 

Optical density (OD) corresponds to the absorbance of 1cm optical path from the long axis plasmon resonance (LSPR) peak of gold nanorods. 

The our company provides a small size of the LSPR GNR peak can be in the range of 650 ~ 1080nm optional range (+ 5nm), corresponding to GNR diameter 6 ~ 8nm (+ 1nm). Each batch of products with good reproducibility, UV visible absorption spectra of the ordered product (are normalized, click Browse), if necessary TEM users need to pay another shooting cost, if necessary UV visible absorption spectra of the corresponding products , can acquire from the company sales personnel, and can also be "click" download data in the company sites, select the GNR absorption spectrum download.

Application prospect

Photothermal therapy :
Photothermal therapy is the ability to selectively kill or inhibit the growth of certain cells by heat. The gold nanorods have excellent surface plasmon resonance effect in the near infrared region. The light in the x= region has the greatest effect on the transmission of light through the cell tissue, so the gold nanorods can convert the light energy into heat energy very well. The average cancer cell temperature reaches above 43 °C, The cell membrane proteins can be destroyed, and cause the cancer cell to die, and it a little effects on the normal cell. So, after laser irradiation, gold nanorods can selectively destroy cancer cells (killing the laser power of cancer cells only to kill half of the normal cell power).
Copper doped gold nanorods in high power ultrasonic field, will be transformed into 2 ~ 5nm small size gold quantum dots, and selectively kill cancer cells to normal cells without toxic effects, improve the immune ability of patients. The experimental data show that the gold nanorods doped with copper have been added to the hepatoma cell system after ultrasonic treatment for 48 hours, and the effect on hepatoma cells leads to the death of hepatoma cells by more than 70%. Copper doped gold nanorods dispersion can be directly cultured cancer cells together with high intensity focused ultrasound irradiation (more than 1000W/cm2), which is converted into gold quantum dots 2 ~ 5nm small size, strong anticancer activity, the dual role of focused ultrasound induced thermal effect in quantum dots and gold cancer cells, accelerated cell death. Therefore, this copper doped gold nanorods can be used as an online anticancer agent for the treatment of various cancers and shorten the irradiation time of HIFU (High, Intensity, Focused, Ultrasound high intensity focused ultrasound).

Drug transmission:

Many cancer cells (lung cancer, brain cancer and breast cancer) have a special proteins in surface of cell’s membrane (epidermal growth factor receptor, EFGR), which does not contain these proteins in healthy cells, The detection of these proteins is crucial to determine whether contains cancer cells in human body, it is a breakthrough in the treatment of cancer, is a new target for the treatment of cancer. Gold nanorods in wavelength and long axis excitation light irradiation absorption peak position close, can quickly put the energy into heat energy and release into the environment, because it has the characteristics of gold nanorods can be used as drug delivery or biological molecules and controlled release carrier. After the gold nanorods are modified by surface, they are used as target drugs. Through the specific recognition and binding ability of gold nanorods and cancer cells modified to binding ability strong hundreds of times than healthy cells, this drug carrying most of the adsorption of gold nanorods in cancer cells, and then use a specific wavelength of laser irradiation, the drug delivery of gold nanorods directly released in cancer cells to kill cancer cells, the effect will be to minimize the side effects of drugs.
Life - finder:
LSPR absorption peaks of Gold nanorods on the dielectric property of the surrounding media is very sensitive, when the gold nanorod surface molecular bonding reaction, LSPR absorption peak occurred for red shift, gold nanorods itself provides the internal reference, eliminate the error for gold ball don’t have itself reference, improve the detection sensitivity. A specific functional group or antibody modified gold nanorods can be used to detect proteins, DNA or some harmful substances.The detection limit is up to nmol/L, especially for the early diagnosis of cancer.
Medical imaging:

Effect of the gold nanorods under near-infrared excitation on cellular damage is small, suitable for observation in vivo, photobleaching’s effect is small, and the near infrared light than visible light transmittance is high in tissue, up to several centimeters, it not was disturbed by its own background fluorescence and light scattering in tissue, hence can be used for biological imaging in deep tissue. In the gold nanorod surface modified antibody, the antibody modified gold nanorods labeled to cancer cells through the specific interaction between antigen and antibody, gold nanorods by laser irradiation on cancer cells by three-dimensional tissue two-photon luminescence imaging, imaging depth can reach 75um.Using specific laser light irradiation, the gold nanorods labeled cancer cells two photon emission intensity than the cancer cell autofluorescence was strong 3 orders of magnitude, fully demonstrated the superiority of the gold nanorods as the near infrared fluorescent probe.