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Small size (6 - 8 n m) gold nanometer bar batch supply supplier

In October 2016, ClusterBioPhoton and Murray work together to set up a "Guangzhou Mei Li Ke Na  biotechnology  Science and Technology company, open a new era of cooperation! 

  ClusterBioPhoton is base of Murray for the gold nanorods product development and production, Murray company  is one of factory to output of the gold nanorods product from ClusterBioPhoton company. 

  Murray makeup industry was founded in 1994, is a professional cosmetics OEM/ODM processing enterprises, production and sales in the industry, considerable reputation and influence, it is national enterprises that only can be produced comparable with the world beauty brand in China . 

  “Benefit the state and people to lead the trend of brand reputation, virtue beauty Heavy credit and innovation technology " is business philosophy in Murry, focus on the development of natural organic cosmetics, high- technique as the leading to "build the world quality national brand" as the service target, focus on improving the quality of cosmetics. The strong research and development(R & D) strength and core technology, stable and exquisite technology R & D team, and work together with the international and domestic professionals, specializes in high, mid-range type, characteristics of product research and development, for domestic and foreign cosmetic line, professional line, electricity providers, micro business, medicine makeup brand customers to provide first-class processing platform and brand supply. 

   And the introduction of the world's top experts and technology, the source for the domestic cosmetics brand upgrading, determined to change Chinese without high-end beauty brand situation, and add China elements based on the world first-class quality, and first-class brand to provide processing services for customers. 

【Advantages of production】 

   With an area of more than 20 thousand square meters, the production process is in strict accordance with the national standard of GMP production. It has been certified by ISO9001:2000 quality management system and has advanced production equipment and first-class production environment. Full closed production workshop with purification system and disinfection system with advanced air filling equipment, application of pneumatic device, non-contact aseptic production lines to meet the different needs of production, daily output of up to tens of thousands of branches, now the domestic and foreign various brand company processing, and advocate at work: "everyone is a quality inspection" to ensure high standards of each product qualified rate. 

【Technical advantage】 

  Factories in accordance with the GMP production standards, referring to the United States federal standard FS209E and Japan JIS (9920-1989) standards for design and construction. 6S management principles, OEC working methods, high standards biochemical research laboratories and laboratory, to ensure technical advantages required hardware requirements, leading competitors in the same industry. 

  Cosmetics high quality hardware guarantee: ozone chamber, canning workshop, raw material warehouse, packing material turnover workshop, water treatment workshop. 

  Determination of standard quality cosmetics: chromatograph, visual and olfactory test, determination of proportion, refractive index determination, determination of acidity, determination of hydroxyl value, iodine value, saponification value determination, determination of heavy metals, bacteria content. 

【Raw material advantage】 

  Murray's purchase of raw materials throughout the world's major producing areas, is committed to domestic OEM processing internationalization, forward-looking, leading, high-quality enterprise mission. 

【R & d advantages】 

  The forefront of information and information, strong research and development strength, the most cutting-edge technical support to help you create world-class cosmetics products. 

  We have a secretary of the international technology research and development team (Expert advisor at the professor level, postdoctor and graduate students, brings together multinational medicine, dermatology, biological science and technology research and development institutions, and at the same time, a number of well-known domestic universities have a long-term close cooperative relations with many well-known international brands of cosmetics; agglutination research expert formula sure, cosmetics research and development in the field of global leading level, to ensure our products in quality have strong competitive strength. 

【Price / performance advantage】 

  High efficiency: we have advanced production line of first-class operation, first-class technical force, first-class management experience. Through the ISO9001:2000 quality management system, we ensure that each product is efficient, safe production. 

  High quality: Strict management system of raw material suppliers, Sign long term order contract with quality material supplier, The product undergoes many strict quality checks, Ensure that the products produced are stable, effective and durable for a long time. 

  Low price: relying on the group's own large demand for raw materials, long-term and major domestic and foreign raw material suppliers face-to-face cooperation, direct procurement, eliminating middlemen to increase profit, so as to ensure the lowest cost of raw materials. 

【Product advantage】 

  full range of recipes, and our company has a rich formula system and product structure, ensure your different needs and the brand's distinctive features. 

  Products are forward-looking, reasonable, plant, soluble, professional, stability, safety, special effects. 

Star products outstanding: anti-aging and problematic products outstanding.