Skin Customization

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Small size (6 - 8 n m) gold nanometer bar batch supply supplier

What is the personal tailor? 

Skin Customization: completely based on each person's skin characteristics and design of skin care solutions, unique, Publicize individuality, Show dignity. 

Why need the personal tailor? 

The pursuit of human beings can be summarized as follows: survival under the lower level, development in the middle and freedom in the upper strata. The corresponding supply is popular ordinary products, standardized brand products and personalized customized products. Private order represents the highest demand, the highest purchasing power, and the highest production cost requirements. It is a revolution of crude, mechanized, counterfeited products. Ancient and modern aristocracy, all their basic necessities of life are custom-made, so their lifestyle has become an imitation of the world. 

Personal tailor is the inevitable demand for the development of people's economic strength to a certain extent. The elite are all for customization. 

In modern society, all kinds of stars are examples. The secret of a woman star's eternal youth is personal tailor! 

There are no two same faces in the world! No skin care product can fit all skin! 

How the gold nanoparticle technology make personal tailor to be possible? 

The nobility of gold is well known, not the concept of speculation. Gold nanorods are more expensive than gold! 

How can our Personal tailors solve your problem? 

Gold nano technology, skin care is no longer covered type, ClusterBioPhoton gold nanorods provide photodynamic physical beauty in all day, make your skin shine. 

Nano gold brings 100 times energy, so it's full of vitality; 

personal tailor to solve the personalized skin problems, nano gold to enhance the introduction of effective ingredients, more accurate, effective and user-friendly. 

warm prompt: 

1. Recommended customers choose " Gild on the face" ClusterBioPhoton GNR beauty skin care services tailored, Choose your usual skin care product as a GNR based skin care product, and can try to use the GNR cream from ClusterBioPhoton; 

2. Customers customized services, will enjoy our 5 years of preferential service, our company will build customer files, regularly provide personal tracking service for customers. The promotion of the purchase of 2 per bottle / year: let more customers to enjoy in the promotion period. 

3. The preferential price is 500 yuan /50g or 50mL, 2 bottles of continuous use has been significant cosmetic results. All preferential price, cost period to become customers for 5 years, respectively, can enjoy 500 yuan and 800 yuan /50g or 50mL 2 bottles / year, in order to thank the initial support for the company; 

4. Points: 1 yuan / minute, consumption of 5000 points a year, may apply for free to add a bottle of 50ml cream / eye cream / essence; this integration system is limited to nano gold Personal tailor custom .