Optical Storage

Small size (6 - 8 n m) gold nanometer bar batch supply supplier

Research background- Trends in storage technology

The need to store the amount of data: 2009 0.8ZB, 2020 will reach 35ZB; 90% for cold data (i.e. annual visits in 3 to 5 times, but very important data), the main storage medium for the disk and tape, storage security can only be 5~10 years; In the era of big data, need to develop a new storage technology of safety, energy saving, long life and high storage density.

research significance

Ultra high density optical storage materials and technology belongs to the "Pearl River Delta region reform and development plan (2008-2020)" and "developmen of Guangdong province science and technology " The 12th Five-Year "plan" put forward in the development of new materials (special functional materials and optical information storage materials)  

Consolidate the position of the province of photoelectric information industry in Guangdong Province, enhance the creativity and competitiveness of Guangdong in the field of optoelectronic information, and effectively solve the problem of information storage in the era of big data.