Optical Storage

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 Academician recommendation: ultra high density optical storage increased to national strategy 

In view of a new generation of optical storage technology development of great significance in the era of big data, the state information center and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute jointly launched, 21 academicians jointly put forward: 《meet the challenges of big data, carry out China's safety, energy saving, long life and high density information storage technology and application》 (referred to as " Academician recommendation " ). 

Liu Songhao fellow of South China Normal University is also one of the sponsors 

《Academician recommendation》 advice to based on 《Outline of the national plan for medium and long term scientific and Technological Development (2006 ~ 2020) 》, standing in the national strategic level, Give full play to the superiority of China's concentrated efforts in major affairs, Decisive decision, Conduct a forward-looking overall deployment, Special funds will be set up by the Ministry of Finance. As soon as possible to start "big data optical storage research and application" National Science and technology special plan.

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